What is included in my standard callout charge?

This covers:

- 30 minutes on site (additional time on site is chargeable as per our schedule of rates)

- engineers' expertise, training and qualifications

- travel time to and from the property

- management time


How long will it take for you to diagnose the problem and fix my boiler?

It's very difficult to tell exactly how long it will take for us to diagnose and remedy the problem before attending your property. Many issues are a simple fix which can be resolved in one callout, and others can take a little longer to diagnose and a repeat visit may be required to supply and fix any required parts, should these need to be ordered in.

Will the engineer look at other problems for me whilst on site?

Where the engineer has time to do so, he will be more than happy to look at unreported problems. Please note that this may incur additional time on site, in line with our schedule of rates (where the visit exceeds 30 minutes on site). It is not always possible for us to attend all unreported issues in one visit, and a second visit may be required.


How often should I have a gas safety check and service carried out on my gas appliances?

This should be carried out annually to ensure good health of your boiler. Forgetting to have your annual service could pose potential risks to you and your family and reduce the lifespan of your boiler and system.


What is involved in my annual gas safety check and service?

A full health check will be carried out on your boiler, including a comprehensive flue spillage and analyser test. The engineer will also carry out a visual check on all other gas appliances in your property. In the event that your service can not be completed due to further works that are required on your boiler, the service will be completed on a subsequent visit once the system has been sufficiently repaired.


How do I book in for my annual gas safety check and service?

You can either call a member of our team on 01920 870658, send an email to enquiries@taylorheating.co.uk or click this link here.


Can you provide free-of-charge quotations?

Yes we can. Quotations and pricings for all works are free-of-charge, and a no obligation estimate will be provided once we have carried out a survey on your property.


I've been told my boiler requires a part that you do not stock. How long will this take to come in?

This depends on if the part is a commonly-stocked item, or whether it is a specialist part that has to come direct from the manufacturer. Most parts from order to delivery take between 1 and 5 working days. 


Do you offer a monthly/annual boiler care contract for private customers?

We operate on a '1 star' basis, where you pay for your maintenance and servicing as and when the need arises. We don't believe in charging our customers continuously throughout the year when there may be no need to call us out for a visit. This system accumulates often unnecessary costs and expense, and in our professional opinion is that it is not cost-effective for the customer. If you have had a boiler installed by Taylor Heating in the past, it may be worth checking to see how long is left on your warranty.


How much will it cost me to get a new boiler installed?

It is very difficult for us to estimate the cost of a new boiler without first attending to carry out a free-of-charge survey. Our surveyor will be able to take into consideration all of your personal requirements, as well as your current heating output, property size and all other contributing factors. Once we have attended to carry out the free-of-charge survey, we will provide you with an accurate quotation.


What is a combination, or 'combi' boiler?

A combination boiler, often known simply as a 'combi' boiler, provides central heating and hot water for your home. The water is heated instantaneously when a tap or shower is used, meaning you never need to wait around for the water to heat up. There is no need for a water cylinder if you have a combination boiler installed.

Am I able to visit your offices?

We are based in Stanstead Abbotts High Street, and welcome all visitors into our offices. Whether that's to book an appointment, pay a bill or raise a technical query, we are always happy to help both in person and by phone/email. Click here to see where our offices are located.

Is my data handled in a safe manner?

Absolutely; your personal data is of paramount importance to us, and is only used for the purpose of contacting you about your appliances and appointments. Please read our updated Privacy Policy (2018 onwards) for more information about how your personal data is handled.

I want to change my contact preferences, how do I go about this?

Changing your contact preferences takes less than 60 seconds and is most easily done by visiting our Contact Preferences page, where you will be prompted to fill out a short online form. Alternatively, you can request a form by email or call us on 01920 870658 to request a postal form. 

Are all of your engineers qualified?

Yes, all of our engineers are fully qualified in a range of disciplines and are all Gas Safe Registered Engineers.